Seasonal Rental Policies

GENERAL: We have properties ranging in price from $3300 - $8200.

AREA: Eidelweiss Village in Madison, Bartlett, Conway and North Conway.

TERM: A Standard Season runs from 12/05/08 – 04/12/09 and an Extended Season runs from 11/01/08 – 05/03/09.

DEPOSITS: A $500 deposit serves to hold a property, and then serves as a security deposit to be returned approximately 30 days after departure as long as the property is left in good condition and all utility bills are paid in full. There is also a $25 non-refundable reservation fee due at time of booking the property.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  All cancellations are subject to the forfeiture of the $25.00 reservation fee and all monies including fees, deposits and advanced rents made on the reservation. Select Real Estate is not responsible fgor any owner cancellations except to the extent that we will try to relocate you in a similar property.

TAX: All non-residential rentals less than 185 days are subject to the New Hampshire 9% lodging tax. Extended or residential rentals more than 185 days are exempt.

PLOWING: It is the Occupant's responsibility to maintain access to the property. Snowplowing services generally range between $300 - $450 average per season. In condo rentals, snowplowing is included. Sanding and shoveling services are also available at an additional cost.

HEATING: Costs differ greatly depending on size of house, insulation, amount of use, general temps maintained, use of woodstove, etc. Heating bills are transferred from Landlord to Occupant during the season - bills do not come through this office - so even ball park figures are difficult.

UTILITIES: We provide information regarding utility conversion prior to arrival date. Electric and Fuel are changed into Occupant's name for duration of lease term. Phone and Cable TV remain in Landlord's name and bills will be forwarded to Occupant for payment within 10 days of receipt.