Contract to Closing

In a real estate transaction, there are dozens of loose ends to tie up between signing the contract and closing the sale. Select Real Estate is known for our attention to detail during this important phase in which we coordinate and oversee the following steps:

  • Deposit earnest money with the seller or seller’s agent
  • Recommend and schedule a home inspector and accompany the buyer on the inspection. It is always highly recommended that the buyer attend the inspection along with his or her Select Real Estate agent in order to make sure that any issues that come up are properly relayed to the buyer’s attorney.
  • Recommend a real estate attorney
  • Obtain important documents, such as property disclosure forms and condominium documents (budget, declaration, condo association minutes), and deliver them to the buyer and buyer’s attorney.
  • Recommend a mortgage broker and help expedite the loan-application process.
  • Monitor all contingencies to ensure that they have been met
  • Recommend service providers for moving, home-improvement and repairs
  • Schedule a final walk-through. Again, both buyer and buyer’s agent should be present.
  • Coordinate your closing

For more information contact your Select Real Estate agent.